centrallo task management

centrallo task management

Are you still preparing diary notes or todo checklist to remember and organize your works?
Manual handwritten diary age has gone now you have digital diaries, and organizers best part is the same you can use on multiple devices and platforms so you can access and use the data from anywhere. Everybody using mobile phones and they have the digital calendar in phones and that you can use for entries and reminders. But if you want to use more features organizer software, then you are in the right place. We will let you know about some best free task organizers.
There are many free organizer software available online. We are providing some good free daily organizers you can download use and can decide which is the best suitable for you.

Centallo is a free organizer and task management software.
Centallo is useful for task list, and it is cloud based so you can use centallo on different devices and in multi-operating system it is available for web cloud, iOS, Android and for Apple watches if you update any information or task on one device then the same time it will synchronize and will update on all devices.
Free download centallo and install on your all devices. It is one of the best free task management software.
1. The free version has 1GB data storage capacity.
2. Real-time synchronize on all devices.
3 Available for Web, Android, iOS, Apple watch.
4 Task list and article based notes.
5. The list, Note, Image, Checklist facility.

Cons :
1. Free Version passcode lock not available
2. Free Version has a limitation of attachment size up to 25MB

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